Dunham's Brook Conservation Area

Located at 1520 Main Road, the 159-acre Dunham's Brook Conservation Area is a Destination Property owned and managed by the Westport Land Conservation Trust.

1520 Main Road • 159 acres • 2.1 miles of trails

Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area has a range of diverse natural habitats. The trailhead crosses a small meadow before entering an extensive wet forest, a portion of which contains a beautiful boardwalk and provides excellent bird watching. The trail then rises onto a ridge which opens to a corn field and oak-holly forests. A trail is maintained through the corn field, creating a unique summertime trail experience. The easternmost trail follows near the edge of an extensive forested wetland/vernal pool community. This area was assembled through three land donations from the Krapf family, the Bush family, and the Roberts family; as well a land purchase made possible with funding from The Trustees, Westport Community Preservation Fund, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, and private donors. Hunting is permitted in this area. We require that all hunters contact the WLCT office prior to hunting.


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