Hunting season is in full swing. Knowing where and when hunting is allowed helps everyone stay safe.

Per Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations:

  • Archery season, October 2nd – November 25th
  • Shotgun season, November 27th – December 9th
  • Primitive firearms, December 11th – December 30th.
  • Hunting is prohibited on Sundays

Wear Blaze Orange–your dog, too!

For your own safety, please wear 500 square inches of hunter orange on your chest, back and/or head.

Non-hunters are not legally bound to wear blaze orange, but they are  advised to do so. If you’re out and about during hunting season, it’s best to avoid wearing earthy colors and always make your presence known to those who are hunting. Talking loudly and whistling are good options to let them know you are around.

For dog safety, we remind you to always leash your dog(s) when visiting any of our properties!

Some WLCT public access properties are open for hunting, each kiosk has posted information in regards to hunter access. We request all hunters notify WLCT staff prior to any proposed activities on WLCT land.

Please direct your hunting questions to Nate McCullin, WLCT Land Stewardship Manager