Oaks, genus Quercus, are amazing. That was the deciding factor in the Little Compton Garden Club and the Garden Club of Buzzards Bay’s choice of Oaks as the topic for their joint exhibit at the Autumn Joy Flower Show this fall.

It was the Garden Clubs’ hope that in learning more about this singular species, people will be more determined to preserve them. The exhibit now on display at the WLCT Learning Center facilitates this understanding through informative text, examples of oak biology, and human uses of this valuable tree. Activities throughout the winter will focus on connecting Quercus’ history and human history to today.

Oaks are critical to their ecosystems and have been vital to human expression. Oak tree biology is integral to habitats and their bounty to human ingenuity. The oak display helps learners understand the nature of oak trees and their role in the environment. It also demonstrates the various ways in which people have used oaks, from its hard wood to its simple beauty.

The Clubs’ award-winning oak display is available for viewing at the WLCT Learning Center now through March! Please stop in during Learning Center hours (9-4 M-F) and watch the newsletter for exciting events connected to the mighty oak.

The tree benefits from wildlife and wildlife benefits from the tree. Without the oak, life would be very different.

Kathy Wattles, Little Compton Garden Club