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About Us

The Westport Land Conservation Trust is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation dedicated to local land preservation!

As one of the last surviving coastal farming communities in Massachusetts, Westport has a unique variety of landscapes, from the East and West Branches of the Westport River to neighboring farmlands, quiet woodlands, pristine beaches, and fertile marshes. All who know Westport appreciate these landscapes and their irreplaceable contribution to the Town’s agricultural heritage, natural beauty, and traditional way of life.

Conservation Restriction
Conservation Restriction donated by Peter and Beverly Temple co-held by WLCT and TTOR.

In 1972, recognizing the vital importance of Westport’s natural resources, and the need for community involvement in preserving them, a group of local residents formed the Westport Land Conservation Trust. Since then, the Land Trust has joined the efforts of various Town and State agencies to help many Westport property owners protect their land in keeping with its simple mission:

To acquire and preserve natural resources, farmland and wildlife areas for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations; to preserve and protect historic sites; to educate the public about the wise use of natural resources; and to work with other organizations having similar purpose.

About the Westport Land Conservation Trust

No single field or view captures the character of Westport. Rather, our town is special because of the collective beauty of its many farms and their interplay with the river and its tributaries. Many of us have worked over the years to sustain these centuries-old farms and to protect Westport’s undeveloped coastline.

Now more than ever the character of the community we cherish is in jeopardy. To address this threat, a coalition of committed volunteers came together to form the Westport Land Conservation Trust, a collective effort aimed at protecting the precious resources of our town.

Agricultural Preservation

Agricultural Preservation Restriction on Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery – Bob and Carol Russell